Complex-Topo-Plan-BIG.jpgEasdales are involved in all stages of land development projects. From initial site surveys and gathering together the information relating to a property, to making application to Council for Resource Consent approval, through to certification of the siting of the final houses.

Our expertise gathered from many years working with complex small to medium developments ensures that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

List of services offered, if you would like to find out more please contact us:

round-bullet-point.png  Unit Title Subdivisions round-bullet-point.png Topographic and Site Surveyors
round-bullet-point.png  Resource Consent Applications  round-bullet-point.png  Cross Lease Subdivisions and Updates (Flat Plans)
round-bullet-point.png  Subdivision Design round-bullet-point.png  Height to Boundary Checks
round-bullet-point.png  Land Transfer Surveys round-bullet-point.png  Potential Subdivision Evaluation and Cost Estimate Reports
round-bullet-point.png  Boundary Redefinitions round-bullet-point.png  Building Set Outs

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